The Picture File is splitted at the Sender side and the  Parts are sent over the Air by Text Messages to one (ISSI) or  multiple Receivers ( GSSI)

The Picture Messages are reassembled inside the small Java App on the Cassidian Tetra Radio Terminals. If a Text Message gets lost our mechanism will resend the lost Message.

  • PIC_SDS_DMO_v3.zip – 140 Characters per SDS-4 Text Message
  • PIC_SDS_TMO_v3.zip – around 300 Characters per concatenated SDS-4 Text Message
  • PIC_TCP-IP_v3.zip – via TETRA IP Connection


The Picture for TETRA Application is for Cassidian Radio Terminals only !

Only the Sender – PC Application needs a License.

The PIC4TETRA App is available for  DMO and TMO


  •  Data Cable for the Sender Application
  •   AT Command Set v.7.2.

The PIC4TETRA Application is for Sale.

Sale for Companies in EU only.

Request a Quote to buy the Source Code.

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