TETRA AT Command Applications

About the LAN-SDS Lite Application

LAN-SDS is a  Data Messaging Software.

Exchange DMO or TMO  Text and Status Messages with other Tetra Terminals of any Vendor.

LAN-SDS  Lite  requires one Cassidian Tetra Radio Terminal which operate as SDS Message Gateway

The Application LAN-SDS  access the AT Interface via Data Cable and communicates with the AT Interface via TCP-IP via the free  Software Serial to IP Converter Tool. That means you can connect to your Cassidian Tetra Terminal via LAN or worldwide via VPN.

The LAN-SDS Lite Application uses Java for the GUI as well as for the Logic Interaction with AT Commands in the Background.

The Lite Version does not need a Database. The Messages are saved inside Text Files  inside the Applications Directory.

About LAN-SDS Full Version

The Full Version offers more Feature as like GPS Tracking and  SQL-SDS . The Full Version uses a SQL Database for the Data Storage.


  •  1x Data Cable for THR880i, THR9, TMR880i, TDM880i, TDR880i  or P8GR
  •   Windows or Linux PC or any Device that runs JAVA with Minimum 1GB RAM
  • Minimum Radio Terminal Firmware is 6.69 , Recommended SW Level is 7.06
  • If you have a higher SW Level on your Cassidian Radio Terminal then  change  the  AT Command Set via TPT or TAQTO to AT Command Set to v.7.2

Multiple LAN-SDS Versions available:

Because AT Commands are a little bit different for each Mode thus there are several Versions available that means Versions for DMO and TMO and for TEA1 (Industry) or TEA2 (Authorities) EADS Radio Terminals.

Buy the Starter Bundle – Plug and Play

  • 1x THR880i RC-10 with AT Command Set v.7.2
  • 1x DLR-3P Data Cable
  • 1x Perle IOLAN Hardware Serial to IP Converter
  • 1x LAN-SDS Full Version
  • Remote Installation Support

E-Mail:  service@tetraterminal.com

Telefon: 0151 64 550 550

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