LAN-SDS Lite – TEA2 – Germany

*** LAN SDS  Lite Version for TEA2 –  TMO for Authorities in GERMANY ***
Features compared to LAN-SDS Lite – TMO – EU Version
– Add the ISSI of the Radio Terminal manually inside Connection Window
– GUI is changed from english to german because of Firmware Changes related to ITSI / ISSI – that are solved in this Version by manual edit the ISSI !
– This Version can be used for TEA1 Industry in TMO, too

*** Download the LAN-SDS LITE GERMANY  AUTORITIES” Version ***

Compatible with THR9i – TH1n and P8GR as well as Industry (TEA1) !



And again !
This Version is compatible with TEA1 Industry as well with TEA2 – Authorities in Europe.
This TMO-LITE-TEA2-EU is not compatible with German BOS TEA2 Radio Terminals. Come from Germany Authorithies ->Use this Version if you come from Germany and you are BOS related “employed” or related !

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